Flexo Print TL-K 40W UVA-1 928004101029

Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10-R 928004101029, color code 10-R, cap-base G13, Flexoprint reprograhic equipment, Diazo copying machines ... Detailed description

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Detailed product description

Flexo print TL lamps emit almost all of their light (99.9%) in the useful UVA and visible blue wavebands – between 350 and 400 nm – and have peak intensity at 370 nm (except for the /03 version). This makes them ideal for flexo printing equipment and photopolymerization processes. In addition, the ‘R’ lamps in the family have an internal 200-degree reflector to further optimize the lamp’s overall efficiency.

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Product parameters

UVA Lamps
Fly killers Insect Trap
Cap-Base G13
Flexo Print Reprograhy
Manufacturer Philips
EAN 8711500612236
Product number 928004101029
Source type T38
GPC code 928004101012
EOC code 871150061223600
Pieces in box 25
Cap-Base G13
Power 40 W
Voltage 50 V
Current 86 A
Lifetime 2 000 hours
Length [mm] 604 mm
Diameter 40,5 mm
Weight 156 g

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