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PL-L 18W/10/4P 2G11 UV-A

927903001007, PL-L 18W/10/4P 2G11, Actinic lamps for your electronic fly killers, Ultra Violet A
10,30 EUR
Skladem 5  pcs

TL 40W/01 RS 928011300130 UV-B Narrowband TL Phototherapy

928011300130 UVB Narrowband TL – proven as the most effective in phototherapy
90,10 EUR /pcs
2 252,50 EUR/ box
Skladem > 10  pcs

INDUSTRIAL InfraRed 13169Z/98 500W 235V 923852744516

INFRARED Lamp 500W with integrated reflector, length 227mm, 2300°K
50,40 EUR
Skladem 8  pcs

914510000825 holder SK15

stainless steel holder SK15 for IR source
1,10 EUR
Skladem > 50  pcs

Xi FP 40W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V S175 sXt 9290 021 72506

Philips Xitanium FULL Programmable 40W, Programmable, SimpleSet
50,60 EUR /pcs
1 012,00 EUR/ box
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xitanium 150W 0.35-0.7A GL Prog sXt

Xitanium Constant Current Xtreme 150W 350-700mA, Type of Dimming 1-10V/AmpDim/DALI/Dynadimmer
65,20 EUR/pcs
Skladem 1  pcs

Xitanium 10W/m 0.35A 30V SC 230V 9290 014 12280

LED driver Xitanium mini 10W, Output power 7-10.5W, Output voltage 20-30V
12,90 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xi LP 150W 0.3-1.05A S1 230V I175 IP67 9290 028 229 SimpleSet

Xitanium LITE Prog LED drivers Independent 150W 0.1-1.05A, SimpleSet, IP67
39,30 EUR/pcs
Skladem 9  pcs
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