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Actinic BL TL 40W RS socket G13 diemter 40.5mm

928011301020, Actinic BL TL 40W/10 G13, Actinic lamps for your electronic fly killers, Ultra Violet A
16,80 EUR
In Stock > 10 ks

TL 20W/12 RS SLV/25 UVB Broadband TL 928010001230

UVB Broadband TL lamps emit radiation in the ‘B’ bandwidth of the UV spectrum (290 to 315 nm) . This
64,80 EUR
In Stock > 10 ks

TL 40W/01 RS 928011300130 UV-B Narrowband TL Phototherapy

928011300130 UVB Narrowband TL – proven as the most effective in phototherapy
89,00 EUR /ks
2 225,00 EUR/ Package
In Stock 3 ks

R125 IR 375W E27 230-250V CL 8711500126597

InfraRed Industrial E27 375W Philips  923223543807
13,80 EUR
In Stock > 30 ks

9290 009 507 Xitanium 75W 0.12A-0.4A 220V 230V

Xitanium LED drivers – linear HV non-isolated 75W 220V HV
30,00 EUR
In Stock > 10 ks

Philips BR125 clear glass E27 InfraRed Industrial Heat Incandescent

InfraRed Industrial Heat Incandescent, Philips bubl reflector lamp E27 clear glass BR125
from 6,90 EUR
In Stock

Philips TUV T5 lamps single ended G10q UVC germicidal lamps

UVC germicidal lamps diameter 19mm, lamps for residential applications, Cap-Base 4 Pins Single Ended
from 17,00 EUR /ks
544,00 EUR/ Package
In Stock

CertaDrive 44W 200/350mA 125V 230V EL Linear HV

CertaDrive LED drivers – Linear HV non-isolated CertaDrive 44W 200/350mA 125V 230V EL 9290 028 74780
11,00 EUR/ks
Out of stock