LED Driver Philips Xitanium


Philips Xitanium FULL Programmable 40W, Programmab

50,60 EUR
Xitanium Constant Current Xtreme 150W 350-700mA, T

65,20 EUR

39,30 EUR

Xi FP 40W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V S175 sXt 9290 021 72506

Philips Xitanium FULL Programmable 40W, Programmable, SimpleSet
50,60 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xi FP 150W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V S240 sXt 9290 021 28606

Xitanium LED drivers 150W SNLDAE full programmable
57,90 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xitanium 50W/m 0.7-1.5A 54V 230V 9290 014 15306

LED driver – mini Xitanium Philips, Spot & dowm-light SELV LED, Output power 17-50W, Output volta
18,80 EUR
Skladem 1  pcs

Xitanium 40W/m 0.7-1.05A 44V DS S 230V

15,30 EUR
Skladem > 50  pcs

Xitanium 36W/m 0.3-1.05A 54V S TD 230V 9290 014 85206

Dimming LED driver Philips Xitanium 36W – mini and extreme small, Control method - DALI, Touch &
35,00 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xitanium 150W 0.35-0.7A GL Prog sXt

Xitanium Constant Current Xtreme 150W 350-700mA, Type of Dimming 1-10V/AmpDim/DALI/Dynadimmer
65,20 EUR
Skladem 1  pcs

Xitanium 10W/m 0.35A 30V SC 230V 9290 014 12280

LED driver Xitanium mini 10W, Output power 7-10.5W, Output voltage 20-30V
12,90 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xitanium 150W 0.1-1.05A Prog+ sXt 929000709003

Xitanium Outdoor LED Drivers Programmable 150W 0.1-1.05A Prog+ sXt, Control interface 1-10V/AmpDim/DA
70,80 EUR
Skladem > 10  pcs

Xi LP 150W 0.3-1.05A S1 230V I175 IP67 9290 028 229 SimpleSet

Xitanium LITE Prog LED drivers Independent 150W 0.1-1.05A, SimpleSet, IP67
39,30 EUR
Skladem 9  pcs

Xitanium 40W 0.70A Prog+ GL-J sXt Philips 929000708803

Xitanium outdoor Constant Current Xtreme LED driver 40W full Programmable, Output Power Range 15-40W
48,60 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xitanium Dim 100W 0.7A 1-10V TWE I220

Xitanium Outdoor LED Drivers Independent 1-10V
44,60 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xitanium 75W 0.7-2A 54V 1-10V 230V 929001503706

929001503706  Xitanium LED drivers 75W, linear LV isolated,
37,40 EUR
Out of stock

9290 009 507 Xitanium 75W 0.12A-0.4A 220V 230V

Xitanium LED drivers – linear HV non-isolated 75W 220V HV
30,40 EUR
Out of stock

Xitanium 300W 0.5-1.4A 300V iXt TD 230 929001608406

Xitanium non-isolated DALI dimmable & programmable iXt
68,40 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xitanium 36W 0.3-1A 54V 1-10V 230V 9290 008 540

Xitanium LED drivers – linear LV isolated, Output power 11-37W, Output voltage 27-54V
49,60 EUR
Out of stock

Xitanium 150W 0.35-0.70A GL Prog sXt

Xitanium Prog/Prog+ LED Xtreme drivers 150W 0.7A
51,20 EUR
Out of stock

XITANIUM 100W 0.7A PROG+ GL-Z sXt 929000708703

Xitanium Outdoor LED Driver 100W Programmable
53,10 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

9290 021 01306 Xi FP 110W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V C133 sXt

Xitanium FULL Prog LED Xtreme drivers
91,00 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xi SR 40W 0.2-0.7A SNEMP 230V C133 sXt Sensor Ready driver 929001573506

Xitanium LED Xtreme drivers – Sensor Ready, Xi SR 40W 0.2-0.7A SNEMP 230V C133 sXt, 929001573506
50,60 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xi FP 100W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V C165 sXt

Xitanium FULL Prog LED Xtreme drivers Xi FP 100W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V C165 sXt, Programmable, SimpleS
60,10 EUR/pcs
Out of stock

Xitanium 36W WH 0.3-1A 54V TD/Is 230V 9290014711

Xitanium LED driver 36W, spot- and downlight SELV,  Output voltage 24-54V, Output current 300mA - 105
21,60 EUR /pcs
432,00 EUR/ box
Out of stock

Xitanium indoor drivers

 Advance Xitanium LED drivers set the standard for performance, and are available for linear and downlight applications.  Select models feature SimpleSet programming, smooth 1% dimming, leading edge-trailing edge dimming, low-ripple output current, high-efficiency designs to enable DLC compliance, and Class P listings to ensure interchangeability without extensive retesting.


Xitanium outdoor & industrial drivers

 Reliable, high-quality lighting is essential for workplaces, roadways and public spaces.  From temperature and humidity extremes to power surges on the input mains, and with most outdoor and industrial fixtures not easily accessible for maintenance, reliability and long life are crucial. Signify has more than 125 years of experience manufacturing lighting solutions that provide reliable, long-lasting, high-quality light for these demanding applications.

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