Philips TUV 230W XPT G5 4x17q, 8711500214416 UV lamp

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Philips TUV Amalgam XPT system consists of an electronic driver that operates one TUV Amalgam XPT lamp, mounted in a sleeve. The electrical specifications are tailored to the lamp, ensuring an optimized performance of the Philips TUV Amalgam XPT system. Thanks to extensive testing before a lamp system is released, we can ensure maximum reliability and long lifetime.

Product parameters

UV-C lamps water and air
TUV T5 4P single-ended
Manufacturer Philips
EAN 8711500214416
Source type 4x17q
Cap-Base G10q
Power 230 W
Current 3,06 A
Lifetime 6 000 hours
Color Ultraviolet
Length [mm] 1,4 m
Diameter 25 mm
Weight 443 g

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