Electronic Ballast TUV IUV-2S60-M4-LD 914499999001

914499999001 Electronic Ballast for Germicidal (UV) Lamps Philips type IUV-2S60-M4-LD, GPC ... Detailed description

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Detailed product description

Advance Pure Volt IUV-2S60-M4-L

The microprocessor controlled Advance PureVOLT electronic ballasts are specifically designed to operate a variety of germicidal lamps. PureVOLT ballasts operate the following low pressure mercury germicidal UV lamps:

High Output

Twin Tube: (1 or 2) HO 35W or 60W; (1) HO 95W

Linear: (1 or 2) 36T5HO (75W); (1) 64T5HO (145W)

Standard Output

Twin Tube: (1 or 2) TUV 18 PL-L or 36 PL-L

The Advance PureVOLT ballasts for UV lamps offer exclusive features such as IntelliVolt® technology (allowing the ballast to operate at any input voltage from 120 to 277 volts, 50/60 Hz), dual entry, color-coded connectors and lamp EOL protection.
A powerful pair, the combination of germicidal lamps with an Advance PureVOLT ballast provides the appropriate level of UV-C energy to stop the spread of microorganisms, airborne contaminants, and pathogens, reducing the threat of illness and
helping to ensure a safer environment for building occupants.

Other options

TL 60W/10
TL 80W/10




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Product parameters

Drivers for TUV
Manufacturer Philips
EAN 8727900783995
Product number 914499999001
Source type IUV-2S60-M4-LD
Number of sources 1 or 2
Type UIV-2S60-M4-LD
GPC code 914499999001
EOC code 872790078399500
Pieces in box 20pcs
Voltage 120-277 V
Current 0.56 - 1.3 A
Length [mm] 175 mm
Height 34 mm
Width 77 mm
IP protection 20
Dimmable No

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