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Detailed product description

DR. FISCHER HPM Diazo lamps emit in the Diazo range (230 – 450 nm) and are optimized for UV-A radiation. Being similar to HPA lamps, HPM lamps are designed to meet the special spectral demands of reprography, photochemical applications and the use of Diazo colors. The lamp spectrum has been modified by adding additives and adjusting the mercury content to generate exactly those spectral lines needed to cure Diazo colors. They are therefore ideal for high-quality, largeformat printing and plotting applications in the architectural and engineering industries. In addition, HPM Diazo lamps provide a high radiant efficiency and high arc stability for cost-efficient and reliable usage.

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Product parameters

Curing adhesive
Paint drying
Manufacturer DR.Fischer
EAN 3662094200208
Product number 8072705102
Source type UV-A
Type HPM17
Application Printing
Cap-Base C14x
Power 2 000 W
Voltage 243 V
Current 8,7 A
Lifetime 750 hours
Colour of light UV
Wavelength 230-450 nm
Color Ultraviolet
Length [mm] 175 mm
Diameter 30 mm
Weight 57 g
Pieces in box 4

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