InfraRed Industrial Heaters E27 Philips BR125 selection

Detailed product description

The Philips infrared incandescent reflector lamps are designed to work in thetoughest environment such as farm, bathroom or kitchen and their nearestsurrounding. They have a reinforced construction thanks to hard glass use. Their compact form and universal cap base allow them to be used with any suitable equipment. A very good method of generating warmth is by using heat lamps. The Philips infrared lamps provide direct, draught-free warmth to the animals, but also food. These benefits have made farmers and cooks around the world choose Philips infrared lamps, because they are the sturdiest, most efficient lamps available for these applications.

Product parameters

InfraRed lamps
InfraRed Industrial E27
Manufacturer Philips
Source type IR 250R* R125 HG / IR 150R* R125 HG
Type IR 250R* R125 HG / IR 150R* R125 HG
Cap-Base E27
Power 250 / 150 W
Voltage 230 V
Lifetime 5 000 hours
Colour of light InfraRed
Color Red
Length [mm] 180 mm
Diameter 125 mm
Shape BR125
Dimmable Yes

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