Philips Driver DynaPower 913713229695

Philips DynaPower Driver Ballasts for TUV 230W / 260W / 335W XPT lamp ... Detailed description

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Detailed product description

This electronic ballast is designed to operate two TUV 260W/335W/230W XPT low-pressure amalgam lamps for water treatment in an industrial environment. The ballast operates the lamps in a highly efficient way. The lamp power output can be varied from 60 to 100% by using a 4-20mA signal.

The Philips DynaPower electronic ballast offers the following features and advantages

• Integrated microprocessor control

• Driver three kinds of UV lamps (TUV 260W/335W/230W) via dipswitch setup.

• Powering and controlling of two lamps independently.

• High power output (more than 600 W)

• High frequency operation (more than 40 kHz)

• Power factor > 98 %

• Electric efficiency > 92 %

• Independent of AC line voltage in a range of 208 ~ 277 Vrms ± 10% Singe phase

• Programmed preheating time 22 sec

• Automatic monitoring of lamp power after ignition pulse

• Automatic re-start if lamp failed to ignite

• Variable power control via 4 ~ 20mA with operating range 10 ~ 20mA (60%~100% of lamp power) for TUV 260W/335W

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Product parameters

Drivers for TUV
Manufacturer Philips
Product number 913713229695
Current 3,14 A
Length [mm] 240 mm
Height 47 mm
Width 235 mm
Power 600 W
Dimmable 60-100%
AC voltage 208-277

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