Xitanium 50W/m 0.7-1.5A 48V 230V downlight and spotlight drivers

9290 009 34606 Xitanium LED downlight and spotlight mini drivers, max.50W, Output Current 0.7-1.5A,  Output Current Set Options LEDSet ... Detailed description

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Detailed product description

Transformer for LED panels or built-in LED luminaire with maximum power up to 50W, output adjustable control current from 0.7 to max. 1.5A with safe voltage max.48V

The control current of the driver is adjusted by means of a resistor which is inserted into the terminals of the ballast marked Rset.

The electrical resistance or resistor is the real part of the complex impedance of an electrical circuit, preventing the passage of electric current. The value of the electrical resistance in this case depends on the setting of the output product that the driver uses to power the LED module in the luminaire.
According to the size of the respective resistance,
Pro tuto jazykovou kombinaci není slovník k dispozici.we therefore set the value of the current we need from this ballast or driver or also the LED driver at the output to which we connect the luminaire.

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Product parameters

LED Driver Philips Xitanium
Manufacturer Philips
EAN 8718696437186
Product number 929000934606
Height 30 mm
Width 43,2 mm
Dimmable No
LED driver control current 0.7-1.5A
Length 97 mm
Output Power 17 - 50 W
Output settings Rset2

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